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Mobility Scooters

Can You Say Yes to these Questions?

Have you decided whether you want a 3 or 4 wheel scooter?

When you try a scooter, does it feel safe, sturdy and comfortable?
Try for 30 minutes minimum before you buy. Can you reach and work the controls comfortably, get on and off independently, and is there enough leg room?

Have you thought when you will want to use your scooter?
For instance, if you use it a lot, it will need to be extremely comfortable and durable.

Will you want to use it indoors at all?
If so, it will need to go through doorways and probably up a step. Don't forget shops, pubs, resaurants etc.

Where will you keep your scooter when you're not using it?
Can you access this area yourself?
Try before you buy.

If you leave the scooter outside at home or when visiting, will it be safe, and can you immobilize it?

Will you need to go over rough ground or grass?
If so has the scooter got a good tread on the wheels?

Do you need to climb kerbs?
Always avoid these where you can, but be prepared if you can't. The bigger the wheel the bigger the kerb that can be tried. Kerb climbing is never very comfortable.

Have you tried before you buy?

If the weather is bad will a cape or warm clothing be adequate and will you need a waterproof seat?

Will you want to take the scooter in a car? Have you thought who will lift it in or will you need a ramp or a hoist?

Would you want the scooter to fold or take to pieces?
If so, have you tried doing this before you buy?

If you need a ramp, check with your Social Services to see if they can help before you buy your scooter.

Can you charge and maintain the scooter yourself?

Is the shop where you purchased your scooter close at hand when you need their assistance for repairs and service?

Have you thought how far you want to travel each day? Your weight, hills, surfaces, kerbs and cold weather can all effect the range of your scooter. So be wary of the range stated on the literature.

Do you want to travel at 4mph? 4mph vehicles can only travel on the pavement while 8mph vehicles can also travel on the road.

Do you think it will be worth buying insurance and/or joining a breakdown service?
We recommend this.



Part Exchange scooters can be purchased from time to time check our second hand section for latest details.