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Riser Recliners


Can You Say Yes to these Questions?

Have you tried the chair you intend buying and sat in it for more than a few minutes?
We suggest at least 20 minutes.

Are you keeping your spine in a good natural ‘S’ shape (not a ‘C’ shape).
To look after your back, you should be sitting on the bones under your buttocks and not on the bottom of the spine, in a slouch position.
Many sofas and armchairs are the wrong shape for a good sitting position.

With your back fully supported does the seat of the chair fit the length of your thigh without pushing into your calf?

With your back fully supported and wearing indoor footwear, do your feet rest comfortably on the floor without pushing your knees up?

Is the chair wide enough for your shoulders, hips, pockets, and high enough to support your head when you snooze?

Do your arms rest comfortably on the armrests?

Can the company make alterations to the chair to make it fit you any better?

Can you work the controls easily?
Controls can be on the right or left and some controls work the foot rest separately from the back rest.

Does the chair recline as much as you want and still support you well from head to ankle?
Some chairs recline much further than others.

Can you get on and off the chair easily and safely when you raise the seat? Does the chair feel steady?
Those seconds saved can mean you get to the door or the loo that bit quicker.

Is the handset low voltage and the fabric water resistant?

What happens if you spill liquid over the chair?

Can you imagine yourself reading, watching TV and having a snack in your new chair?


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Useful Tips to Help You Decide

There is a small risk of pets or children getting trapped under the chair as it lowers.

Always check underneath before you lower your chair.

Don’t forget you will need room behind your chair to allow it to recline.

Neck or head cushions can be a useful addition – particularly when reclining.

The leg rest should support your leg right down to the ankle.

Check that your feet are NOT dangling off the end.