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Wheeled Walkers


Can You Say Yes to these Questions?

Have you decided where you want to use the walker?
If you go outside you will need a cable braking system, larger wheels and a good sturdy model.

Can you adjust the height of the handles to suit you?
Can you lift the walker, or fold it – for instance to go into the boot of a car.

Can you work the brake easily?

Have you checked the maximum user weight?

If you get tired as you walk, would you like a seat to perch on now and again?
4 wheeled models can offer this option.

Have you tried the walker over carpets, gravel, grass, doorway sills and kerbs?

Will you want to carry items as you walk?
If so, can you fit a suitable basket or tray to your model?

Did the salesperson give you good instructions on how to use the walker safely –
both verbally and in writing.




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Useful Tips to Help You Decide

A wheeled walker can reduce the risk of falling and help you to
remain independent.

The weight of the models may be a deciding factor, walkers are made
from either aluminium or steel.

A wheeled walker will provide much more support than walking
sticks and more manoeuvrability than a walking

3 wheeled models are not as stable as 4 wheels and most of them
do not offer a perching seat.

The larger the castor, the easier a walker is to manoeuvre over
difficult surfaces.

Some companies offer accessories such as oxygen cylinder holders and
a crutch or cane holder.

Some walkers can be used with one hand.

Consider removing loose rugs and excess furniture to make it easier
and safer around the house